Importance of pets in a growing Italian pet food market

Writen by David

Every year the Italian National Association for Pet Food and Pet Care Companies (ASSALCO) in association with Zoomark International (a yearly international  pet products and accessories trade fair) produces an excellent report on the current state of the Italian pet sector.

It is always great to see data showing the current picture on how any pet sector (market size, pet population etc) is doing against a background of on-going global change and the ASSALCO – Zoomark International is a great example of how this data can be communicated to a wide audience. The 2016 report highlights that the Italian market grew both in terms of sales value (+4.1%) and volume (+0.9%) in 2015 which is great to see.

In line with markets in other countries, part of this growth can be accounted for through innovation in pet foods that support health and well-being of Italian cats and dogs.

Two further points are worth considering here: –

This openness in sharing information helps develop transparency in the pet food industry and wider aspects of the pet sector. Just think how great it would be if pet food manufacturing associations in other countries had a similar approach to presenting data in the public domain, as this helps build trust in the industry.

Another great feature of the 2016 report is it’s focus on pets in society and responsible pet ownership.

To learn more about novel ideas for innovation, including in health and well-being and also the role of pets in society, the Italian pet food sector are invited to attend the 1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar (MPFS). The 1st MPFS is being held in Pula, Croatia on 4 – 5 October 2016. Full details can be found at

The organizers of the 1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar David Primrose and Milka Kosanovic Tesla look forward to welcoming our friends from the Italian pet food industry (friends from other countries are also welcome) to Pula!


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